Our Ethos

“We build and test practical applications using AI to solve everyday problems”

Our Story

Omni Ops was officially founded in 2023 after a long discussion over the power of OpenAI’s ChatGPT and what this means for the future. The founders, Kevin Schrock and Keenan Fraylick, both saw the potential in enhancing people’s workflow using AI. After this discussion, Kevin and Keenan decided to found a company dedicated to developing and testing potential products that use AI.

Our Focus

All of our applications focus on improving the end-users’ lives through these pillars.

  • Time Saver - The application must save the end-user time by eliminating redundant or unimportant tasks.
  • Enhanced Workflow - The application must be seamlessly integrated with the end-user’s current workflow.
  • Automation - The application must automate redundant tasks.

Our Commitment

At Omni Ops, we believe in the power of open-source code and education. We are committed to the following.

  • Open Source - All of our projects will be open source. We believe in full transparency of our applications and welcome community contributors to improve what we build.
  • Education - During the development lifecycle of all our products, we will post regular blog posts and YouTube videos discussing key development concepts.